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Creating the ultimate teaching environment

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

For lectures and discussion sections in continuum mechanics (MAT252) for the spring term 2019, the activity based learning room has been used.

In this room, students work in groups on exercises and homework problems. Typically the main lecturer and a graduates student are present in order to answer questions. About once a month, a mock exam is being held in order to prepare for the final exam.

“Learning by doing.”

Mathematics and modeling are best learned by trying to do it. Exercises and problems of varying difficulty are given. Students interact with each other, and may ask for help if they get stuck.

Exercises relevant to course content

The exercises and problems given in this class help students prepare for the final exam. Having this room once a week helps us get ready for the final exam.

"Continuum mechanics is a nice mix of mathematics and physical modeling. Topic in this course include linear algebra, geometry, partial differential equations, thermodynamics, fluid and solid mechanics."

Henrik Kalisch



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