New paper:

Fully dispersive Boussinesq models with uneven bathymetry

J.D. Carter, E. Dinvay, H Kalisch

Journal of Engineering Mathematics 127 (2021)

New paper:

A mathematical justification of the momentum density function associated to the KdV equation

S. Israwi, H Kalisch

Comptes Rendus Mathematique 395 (2021)

New paper:

Stability of periodic progressive gravity wave solutions of the Whitham equation in the presence of vorticity

C. Kharif, M. Abid, J.D. Carter, H Kalisch

Physics Letters A 384 (2020)

New paper:

Extreme wave run-up on a steep coastal profile

M Bjornestad, H Kalisch

AIP Advances 10 (2020)