New paper:

A shallow water system with vanishing buoyancy

H Kalisch, V. Teyekpiti

Applicable Analysis 99 (2020)

New paper:

Admissibility conditions for Riemann data in shallow water theory

M.O. Paulsen, H Kalisch

Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung 75 (2020)

New paper:

Stability of periodic progressive gravity wave solutions of the Whitham equation in the presence of vorticity

C. Kharif, M. Abid, J.D. Carter, H Kalisch

Physics Letters A 384 (2020)

New paper:

Laboratory experiments on internal solitary waves in ice-covered waters

M Carr, P Sutherland, A Haase, KU Evers, I Fer, A Jensen, H Kalisch, ...

Geophysical Research Letters 46 (2019)